Previously I shared an activity called Mistake of the Month. Here is the reverse of it, it’s called Success of the Month. This activity works in a similar manner. You share a story of success that you have had over the last four weeks. So, in other words, what was the incident? What was the impact of that? What did you learn from it? I think it’s important for us to share the impact of that success not just for yourself, but perhaps on the team, on the customers, shareholders, et cetera. 
Then go around the team and get everyone to share a success story that they have had over the last four weeks. What you will find is that this activity will energise the team.
Firstly, it’ll get people to appreciate that there are actually successful events happening within the team, and perhaps we don’t talk enough about it. Secondly, it gives people recognition with you and with their peers of successful events that they’ve had. Thirdly, it’ll give people a sense of being in a team, who are kicking goals.
Success breeds success.
That will hopefully enable you to take the conversation to a different level. So, try that out. See how it goes and see what the impact of this activity is on your team.