Dr Tom Verghese’s presentations generate thought leadership, help develop strategies for high performance teams and inspire a higher level of energy and participation in projects.

They comprise of actionable content, combined with a dynamic stage presence to provide audiences with new perspectives, opportunities for self-awareness and reflection of their own culture and biases, and strategies to apply those lessons to business. His presentations are energetic, participative and humorous. Tom is highly responsive to questions and encourages lively participation.

Tom’s public speaking style combines vigour and energy with warm enthusiasm and an obvious passion for his topic. As part of the dynamic essence of our programs, he also encourages participants to challenge their own existing mindsets with interactive and experiential activities.

He is a compelling speaker who engages the audience through real stories and situations relative to their own experiences. He is a thought leader who is highly skilled at creating inspirational and thought-provoking environments that allows for a true exchange of opinions and ideas.

Being born and raised in Malaysia and having spent his adult life in Australia, Tom brings perspectives from both the East and West.

Some of the topics we present on include:

  • Developing Cultural Intelligence
  • Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
  • Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • Global Leadership Development
  • Developing Asian Leaders
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Understanding Cultural Values in Emerging Markets

Tom has recently presented at:

International Youth Nuclear Congress 2020

Amplify - Global Insights Summit 2020

GDEIB Asia Launch 2021

Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing 2021

Oracle - Future of Leadership Program

HP Speaker Series- ‘Recruit Equitably, Embrace Inclusivity- Building an Inclusive Workplace’ 2021

Asian Leadership National Conference 2021

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