Dr Tom Verghese is a consultant, executive cultural coach, author and founder of Cultural Synergies.

He has a passion for increasing Cultural Intelligence, Global Leadership and Developing High Functioning Teams. With over three decades experience, working with diverse business leaders around the world has provided Tom with an international perspective and experience as a specialist consultant who equips organisations and their teams to effectively work within and across cultures.

With an extensive client base, he has successfully worked across a broad range of industries, including oil and gas, mineral resources, airlines, manufacturing, banking, education, food and beverage and information technology.

Tom holds a Doctorate in Business Administration, Masters in Education and a Diploma in Management. He applies a practical approach in assisting organisations understand and leverage culture and diversity for success in the global marketplace. He brings personal and professional fortitude, practical knowledge, experience, candour and wisdom to his consulting and coaching projects.

Tom has a genuine interest in and knowledge of a diverse range of cultures. Of Indian origin, born and raised in multi-ethnic Malaysia, he relocated to Australia to pursue his education. He resides in Melbourne with his English born wife and their family. He has a strong interest in yoga and meditation practices.

Cultural Synergies is a leading global intercultural and diversity consultancy that specialises in developing and sustaining individuals, teams and organisations.

We work within cultural and organisational structures to achieve positive outcomes in the areas of diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, cultural intelligence and high performing teams.

We build and develop agility and mindset shifts through consulting, keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, executive coaching, mentoring and leadership development assignments. Our flexible range of methodologies is focused on employing a dynamic, innovative and pragmatic approach that is driven by client outcomes.

At Cultural Synergies we know what is required to make D&I work and have a meaningful impact. With more than 30+years experience, we understand DEI is a journey. We invite you to partner with us on your journey to elevate and leverage DEI in your organisation.