Our Mission Statement

At Cultural Synergies, our passion lies in delivering tailored, impactful solutions that make our client organisations, teams and individuals more inclusive and high performing. We do this using evidenced based and experiential learning principles to engage people and bring them on the journey. We work in collaboration with our clients to deliver solutions that are specific to the organisation’s culture, challenges and needs.

How  We Support the Community

Tom has a strong interest in community projects. Globally, he is involved in the Modern Elder Academy, the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks and World Vison. Locally, he contributes time and resources to Williamstown Community and Education Centre and Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Cultural Synergies contributes services to numerous community groups and organisations that work towards ensuring diversity and Inclusion across all areas of society through pro-bono and low bono work.

Conscious Ageing

About five years ago, Tom developed a strong interest in the topic of age diversity, conscious ageing and modern elderhood. As part of this journey, he participated in programs with the Modern Elder Academy, Sage-ing International and Meaningful Ageing Australia. He has spoken and facilitated several workshops and retreats.

To learn more about Tom's Conscious Ageing work please visit: