Realigning the Team

Realigning the Team

In this episode, Tom talks about the Four Pillars of Realignment, and how leaders can make use of the current environment to revisit our purpose and values in our organisation. 

Realigning the Team

  • The Four Pillars of Realignment
    1. Purpose – revisit your purpose. What is your purpose? Why are you in business? How does your purpose remain relevant to the current environment?
    2. Values – what are the things that you stand for as a team and as an organisation? How are you demonstrating your values? How do you ensure that your behaviours are aligned with your values?
    3. Operating Principles – how do you work as a team? How do you deal with the issues that come up? What is your strategy?
    4. Tools and Tips – how do you use the tools that you have? What are some of the best tools that you have that can help you deal with the current environment?
  • Purpose is what pulls people to go to work. 
  • Realigning is something that you can bring up in a team meeting, not just with the whole team, but individually. Check-in with your team not just about work but as well as personally.
  • Apart from our physiological needs, there are three meta values that are important to people – community, pleasure, and meaning. 
  • As a leader, you need to think about how do you create a sense of community with your team especially now that they are being isolated working from home. The second thing is to think about how you can create a level of fun to engage them. And finally, how do you create a sense of meaning for your team?
  • Being agile, flexible, and having the ability to adapt to new challenges are key aspects of being a leader. 

Today’s Take-away

  • Challenges bring new opportunities. How are you making use of these opportunities? How are you realigning your team?

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