“I’m feeling flat” said one of my coaching clients last week. “This is week 10 of the lockdown and the lines between my work and personal lives are getting blurred…I’m not sure I’m being effective in either of those areas”.  Are you able to relate to his sentiments? I certainly could.

I responded that what he is feeling is completely normal and shared a framework written by Amy Cuddy , a social psychologist at Harvard. At the beginning of any crisis, we are in an ‘Emergency’ mode. Our feelings are heightened, we are focused on what needs to be done, energetic and in action.

After a period, we move to a state of ‘Regression’ where we feel disengaged, tired, flat, bored, unproductive and wondering if this will ever end? 

The final stage is ‘Recovery’ where we recalibrate, re-evaluate and reorient our goals and expectations. We focus on getting beyond the current situation. 

Sometimes, it is possible to move through all three stages in one day! This framework made sense to my client and he was able to reframe his feelings. 

My suggestion for this week is to reflect on whether this framework makes sense to you? Are you able to relate to it? Would it be useful for your teams?