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Putting your phone away

I was reading an article about the Melbourne rugby team, the Melbourne Storm recently, which really sparked an interest in me, and it intrigued me. One of the things they talked about as a reason for the team’s success in winning the grand final was that during all their team meetings, they had to put …

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Global Work Attitudes

‘Decoding Talent’ is a recent study conducted by The Boston Consulting Group on the global workforce of today. It is an interesting study in terms of decoding and understanding the emerging global attitudes toward work and a global overview of what makes for a contented employee. Over 200,000 people from 189 countries participated in the …

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Communication Technology and Culture

How does culture impact the effectiveness of communication platforms and apps? One our Cultural Synergies staff members shared with me a recent article in BRW that reviewed a new app called BLRT. Her interest was piqued since it is an app that has been created with one of the key design requirements being the ability …

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