Back to back online meetings have become the norm over the last year and a half for most leaders. A coaching client I have been working with has constant back-to-back meetings for most of her week and I recently asked her how she recalibrated herself between them. She responded honestly saying that there was no allowance for that. One challenge with back-to-back meetings is not creating the ‘headspace’ to mentally shift gears between them. Different meetings have different purposes and intentions. Hence, the necessity to be mentally focussed.

Some suggestions;

  • Shorten the meeting times -make them 45min or 25 min so there is time to breathe/ pause/make notes/refresh.
  • Question if you need to be in the meeting in the first place.
  • Develop a practice of asking yourself ‘how can I be most effective in this meeting?’

How do you recalibrate yourself between meetings to ensure focus?