The Power of StoryTelling


Story telling has been an integral part of learning, communication and culture since the dawn of humankind. As children we yearn to hear stories from our parents and from that we receive wisdom, life lessons, morals, values and family history. As adults they educate, entertain and inform us. Stories move and inspire us to take action or not, be better and most of all understand patterns in life.
Story telling is a big part of who I am and the work I engage in. Stories help people at a number of levels to make sense of the information and concepts I discuss and also connect them with their own experiences and emotions. Most importantly stories make information both memorable and shareable.
To quote Robert McKee, the author of “Story: and 30 year veteran of the Hollywood screenwriting industry, – “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today:
In my newly released book, “Cultural Agility: “A Practical Guide for putting Cultural Intelligence into Action”, I have shared my experiences and stories from more than 25 years of cross-cultural consulting, to demonstrate the ways in which we can adapt ourselves to function optimally in multicultural situations. In using these stories, I have tried to provide models and examples of how individuals, leaders and managers can be more effective across culture, distance and time. This essentially stems from being more aware of our own worldview, that of others and the integration of these views to achieve better outcomes for both individuals and organisations.
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