The Dominant Culture

The Dominant Culture

In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses dominant cultures, and how leaders can effectively challenge and address barriers between majority and minority cultures in a more inclusive way. 

The Dominant Culture

  • Dominant culture can also be referred to as the majority culture.
  • Rather than implying how something is done, leaders who are members of a dominant culture should think about ways to challenge differently, to listen to the minority, and be more inclusive.
  • Dominant cultures have privileges that often we don’t realise or take for granted.
  • Global leaders need to have a better understanding of individual thinking and behavioural styles when working across cultures. We need to be more conscious about how we can make a contribution to the organisation in a way that everybody benefits.
  • When a member of a minority becomes a member of the majority, they embrace it. They often work harder to maintain the rules and demonstrate loyalty. They often change the way they behave so that it fits the majority.
  • We all have areas where we are a member of the dominant culture and a member of the minority. In order to be more inclusive, we need to be more conscious of where are we a member of the dominant culture in terms of gender, religion, ethnicity, culture, and type of interest. 

Today’s Take-away

  • As a member of a dominant culture, how do you exhibit being more conscious and being more inclusive to listen to the voice of the other?

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