Intention vs Impact

Intention vs Impact

In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses how to lead intentionally and deliver outcomes that are consistent with one’s cultural values.

R U OK? 

  • Australia has one of the highest levels of suicides in the world per capita or population.
  • Held annually on the second Thursday of September, Australia’s R U OK? Day aims to remind everyone to connect with their family, friends and colleagues who may be suffering from emotional difficulties and ask them “are you ok?”.
  • We all suffer anxiety. The only people who do not suffer anxiety are psychopaths. We need to acknowledge that we all suffer from anxiety and there are various ways that we can deal with it. Exploring ways to deal with anxiety is a good thing.
  • Mental health is the wellbeing of the mind.

Intention vs Impact

  • When introducing initiatives, we need to be conscious of our own biases. Ask questions. Think about how the initiative will land and gather some feedback.
  • Be adaptable. Depending on the feedback, you may have to adapt something else or completely change what you are offering. 
  • Global organisations need to be more inclusive of the local market and the local culture. 
  • Global organisations need to think about how they can deliver a similar outcome that addresses the core values of a particular culture.
  • We need to spend more time inquiring about the impact rather than explaining our intentions.
  • Be more curious. Spend more time to think about the impact in a way that you educate yourself and hence, you can also educate others.

Today’s Take-away

  • How do you ask questions to ensure that your initiative has the desired impact? 
  • How do you adapt to things and ask more questions about the impact rather than explaining your intentions?

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