Gratitude and Joy

Gratitude and Joy

In this episode, Tom talks about gratitude and joy, and the importance of taking the time to reflect on the things we are joyful and grateful for in our lives.

Gratitude and Joy

  • Happiness can be derived from materialistic or worldly pleasures, whereas joy is from the soul. Joy is soul-satisfying. It gives you a sense of great pleasure and deep happiness.
  • Recognising the things that bring you joy and being grateful for that is important to our emotional well being.
  • Being grateful is something that you can develop.
  • Dr. Martin Seligman, the Father of Positive Psychology recommends a technique in finding joy and being grateful, which can make a significant difference to our state of happiness.
    • Before going to sleep at night, think about three things that you are grateful for that day. Do the same thing when you wake up in the morning, and think about three things that you are grateful for that will occur to you that day.
  • Being grateful for the things that bring you joy gives us certainty.
  • When you focus on the things that bring you joy, you’ll start to notice a lot of other things that bring you joy.

Today’s Take-away

  • Start practicing Dr. Seligman’s technique in finding joy. Think about three things that you are grateful for before you go to bed each night and in every morning when you wake up. 
  • Pause and ask yourself what gives you joy. If you haven’t started journaling, start on it and ask yourself the same question.

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