CQ Strategy

CQ Strategy

In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses the third component of cultural intelligence, which is CQ Strategy.

CQ Strategy

  • CQ Strategy is being aware of what’s going on. It’s all about having a plan for interaction and making sure that it is aligned with the culture you are interacting with.

3 Aspects of CQ Strategy

  • Planning – knowing what you need to be conscious of when interacting with another culture that is different from your own.
  • Being aware – how you execute, being mindful of what is happening
  • Checking  – making sure that you are aligned, being adaptable, checking your own assumptions as well as the assumptions that others may be making of you.


  • Think about the things you can do to build relationships quickly.  Using the Nine Dimensions of CQ Knowledge, build a strategy based on your awareness of your own culture and identify the group (cluster) you are going to be working with and need to be aware of.
  • For any leader or any individual cross-cultural interaction, the mere fact that you sit down, pause and think to create a strategy can make a huge difference.

Today’s Take-away Action

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