Conflict in Virtual Teams

Conflict in Virtual Teams

In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom talks about how leaders can effectively manage and resolve conflict in virtual teams. 

How to Manage Conflict in Virtual Teams

  • Cultural Difference – the farther away you are from the other party, the greater the difference in culture is.
  • Time zones – be conscious of the time and make sure it is feasible for both sides.
  • It is well worth it to bring people together when working on high stakes projects. It lets you know how well everyone works together and it accelerates the project.
  • Do regular check-ins.
  • Provide cultural awareness – use organisational values as a framework when talking about cultural differences.

Today’s Take-away Action

  • Think about your virtual team and assess how well they are doing?
  • What methodology are you using to manage conflict in your virtual team?

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