Checking In on Your People

Checking In on Your Team

In this episode, Tom talks about why it’s important for leaders to check in with their teams especially in times of uncertainty and how they can do that in a way that deepens their relationship with their team members.

Checking In on Your People

  • Checking in with your people in this current time of uncertainty is really important.
  • Put some time aside to schedule at least a 30-minute one on one conversation with each member of your team that is not focused on getting the job done but a more personal level.
  • Be very conscious of the questions you ask. Ask open-ended questions. Ask them about how they are doing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 
  • Listen to what’s not being said.
  • Probe deeper. 
  • Don’t be judgemental when listening to their responses. Biases shut conversations down. 
  • Show a level of empathy. Give the person a space to be open about his/her current state.
  • Human beings are tribal. We need a community. We need people to hang out with and bounce ideas with. Scheduling time in your calendar for those incidental conversations with your team is really important.
  • Checking in shows that you care. Let your team know that you appreciate what they’re doing as well as the difficulties they may be going through. Whilst there’s no guarantee that it can solve things, it does create a space for deepening relationships.
  • Checking in with your team helps build trust. Trust is the glue that keeps teams together.

Today’s Take-away

  • Take action. Schedule a time in your calendar to have one on one conversations with each of your team members, your individual contributors, or your peers. Probe deeper and listen to things that are not being said in order to build those relationships. 

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