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Preparing for Globalisation

Breaking into new markets, navigating new local landscapes and understanding the behaviour and needs of global consumers are a few daunting issues requiring close consideration when preparing for global growth. I have witnessed organisations expanding into overseas markets for reasons that in hindsight were poorly planned and forecasted; fewer competitors, lower costs and growing local […]

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Connectivity and Cultural Intelligence

A recent IBM study ‘Leading Through Connections’ identified that the conventional way of working isn’t enough to compete in todays globally competitive environment; and that we need to respond to this new connected era. Organisations need to be more connected with their partners, customers and employees. In addition to this, I posit that culture, time […]

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The Key to Successful Global Expansions

What succeeds at home may not work overseas.  This is the claim of the chairman of an Indian company that has embarked on global expansion across 36 countries and five continents.  He maintains that often it is the past successes that can lead to blindness in new contexts and that attitudes such as ‘our formula […]

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