Are You Feeling Flat?

Are You Feeling Flat

In this episode, Tom talks about the phases we go through when faced with uncertainty and how we can be more flexible and adaptable to the things that are happening around us.

Are You Feeling Flat?

  • It’s completely normal to feel flat when faced with sudden changes. 
  • Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy wrote in one of her articles that there are three phases that humans go through when faced with unusual situations. These are:
    1. Emergency Phase – where we tend to be in action. There’s a level of urgency and we are focused to get things done because we have to.
    2. Regression Phase – this is where we feel flat. The future looks uncertain. There occurs a sense of loss but it’s OK.
    3. Recovery Phase – this is we begin to reorient ourselves. We rethink our goals and recalibrate our expectations. We focus on what we need to do now with the current situation versus what we wanted it to be.
  • It’s possible to move through all these phases in a day but sometimes it takes a period of time.
  • Out of chaos comes order. The lockdown has been a major seismic shift in the world and we are all just making it as we go. You want to adaptable, flexible, and think about how you can participate in this new game as it evolves.
  • When faced with unusual situations, our brain works hard to make sense of all the uncertainties and creates different neural pathways that somewhat drain us physically.
  • Give yourself permission to switch off from everything, and allow yourself to recover.
  • Models and frameworks help us put things in a way that we can understand. 
  • This too shall pass. There’s value in having someone to talk to or sound ideas with when faced with uncertainty.

Today’s Take-away

  • Think about the phases we talked about. Can you identify where you are in these phases? 
  • Share this framework with your team to also help them understand as well some of the transitions they are going through.
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