Tom created learning in a charged and lively atmosphere. At no point in the one and a half day long proceedings was I ever in danger of losing interest or concentration on the issues at hand.”

Sandeep Banerji
SOPE Markets Middle East

Cultural Synergies designs and delivers workshops that are flexible, interactive, inclusive and provide practical strategies, motivations, learning opportunities and take away actions.  All of our programs are tailored and designed in collaboration with our clients to ensure that the program content is relevant, practical and outcome focussed to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Case studies, group work, discussions and the incorporation of participants’ own experiences, we believe are an essential part of the learning processes that provide practical outcomes and action plans.

Examples of Cultural Synergies Workshops

Our Methodology:

All of our programs vary in duration and content. They are all specifically tailored and designed to the required business outcomes of each client.

Programs vary from ½ day to 3-5 day workshops.  They may also include follow-up workshops, providing participants further opportunities to improve the application of strategies and further support.

For further information take a look at our ‘Business Case for Cultural Intelligence’ discussion paper or listen to Dr. Tom Verghese explain ‘What is Cultural Intelligence’?

      The workshop went very, very well, we received a lot of information and we had a fantastic team session. I can really recommend the workshop and believe that every dollar spent is absolutely justified. In order to make things happen in Asia, you should be aware of the different cultures, habits and potential issues and obstacles.”Juergen Kull,
EMR – AP EquipmentManager, HP

      Tom articulates some really different strategic techniques that I believe anyone no matter what level or experience you have, people that are involved in management of people or dealing any sales environment should engage in his workshops. Tom is a great communicator, extremely well experienced & I would most definitely recommend his services to any small, medium & large operation, you would be very surprised just what you would take out of his sessions & consultancy.”Sonny Robbins,
General Sales Manager, Honda

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