This programme enabled our team to continue to embed cultural intelligence into the organisation with the confidence of having the right content and support from a highly experienced team.”

Fleur Mouchemore

Cultural Synergies creates content, resource materials and designs and facilitates workshops that provide cultural awareness training and unconscious bias training to be delivered by internal staff.

Our Methodology

All of our programs vary in duration and content. They are all specifically tailored and designed to meet the required business outcomes of each client.

Programs typically vary from 2-5 day workshops.  They may include follow-up workshops, providing participants with further opportunities to improve the application of strategies and further support.

Training Programs include:

1 Introduction

  • What is training?
  • What is facilitation?
  • Role expectations

2 Materials

  • Review the materials
  • Ensure understanding and relevance of materials
  • Identify gaps and confusion
  • How to review and adjust materials when appropriate

3 Planning

  • Setting up the room and using visual aids
  • Ice-breakers
  • Timing and allowing for the unexpected
  • How to deliver activities and exercises and encourage engagement
  • What to do when things aren’t going according to plan

4 Engagement

  • How to encourage participation and discussion
  • How to maximise use of the materials
  • How to deal with difficult participants

Training Materials include:

  • Resource manuals
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Instructor’s notes
  • Reference aids
  • Icebreakers, activities and exercises
  • Program plans and notes including timings etc

All of our programs are designed for trainers to deliver in pairs.  Participants are observed and assessed by a qualified Cultural Synergies trainer and are supported with both telephone and face-to-face contact with a senior trainer.

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