Process Facilitation

Dr. Verghese delivered what he said he would from the outset (and more) and created opportunities for participants to really engage on not just a professional level, but also a personal level.”

Grant Mitchell, Director
Conference Facilitation, International Detention Coalition

Our Process Facilitation offers organisations an independent, confidential and neutral individual who is highly skilled at facilitating focus groups and strategic planning workshops.

Our collaborative, impartial approaches allow us to help parties discuss issues, identify and achieve goals and complete tasks in a mutually satisfactory manner.   Whether it’s managing through a crisis, managing a focus group, designing training programs or supporting committees or councils, our expert and neutral approach provides organisations with a productive and impartial body that will help groups to reach a successful decision, solution or conclusion.

The programs are carefully tailored and designed to meet the specific situations, needs and desired outcomes of clients in a confidential manner.


Some Process Facilitation Outcomes

  • Focussed discussions
  • New ideas and perspectives
  • Sensitive issue discussions
  • Impartial challenges
  • Clarity of issues and options
  • Creation of consensus
  • Efficient meetings
  • Faster decision-making