Global Leadership Development

I found Tom one of the best trainers I have worked with. His style, facilitation, empowerment skills and ability to question our thinking was very well received.”

Erin Smith
General Manager, BSI Group

Cultural Synergies recognizes that leading across distance, culture and time zones, while maintaining a unified corporate vision, is one of the greatest challenges most leaders face.

A culturally intelligent organisation begins with culturally intelligent leadership. Global leaders need high levels of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to work successfully across borders.

Some of the questions that our Global Leadership program addresses are:

  • How do we inspire, motivate and influence in multiple cultures?
  • How do we build and sustain a unified organisational culture?
  • How do we improve our local market knowledge?
  • How do we leverage local expertise and knowledge?
  • How do we build trust and develop relationships in a cultural context?

Our Global Leadership Programs recognise the importance of developing and supporting culturally intelligent leaders to become effective global leaders.

We assist leaders in increasing cultural adaptability, behavioural flexibility, and expanding the skills required to continually translate information into strategies when working across borders.

To prepare leaders to meet these challenges, Cultural Synergies offers:

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