Executive Cultural Coaching

To understand culture, you have to look inside yourself. This is sometimes difficult to do in a group session, coaching offered me time to focus on what I needed, rather than a group situation.”

Steve Cartland
Development Manager, HP

Executive Cultural Coaching supports the ongoing growth of current and potential leaders in the development of their cultural intelligence.  Cultural Intelligence can be the difference between a good domestic leader and an effective global leader.

Dr. Tom Verghese works with clients in a multitude of locations and industries. His extensive global experience affords Tom the ability to deliver clients with a unique approach that is both personal, professional and results-driven.

Benefits of Executive Cultural Coaching

  • Reduces stress and anxiety. It can be lonely at the top. A supportive coach asks challenging questions, offers new perspectives and improves strategic thinking and performance
  • Improves relationships. Cultural Coaching provides strategies and develops frameworks for building relationships with key stakeholders
  • Creates awareness. It provides valuable professional and personal insights into behavioural patterns
  • Develops a greater understanding of what is working well and what is not in real time and through regular feedback. The promotion of self-reflection improves job performance
  • Clarity of vision and attainable goals that are measurable
  • Retain and develop the current talent pool and future leaders
  • Improve and develop relational skills that are culturally appropriate for global success
  • Deeper understandings of how to motivate individuals and teams in other cultural settings. Expand knowledge and understanding of behaviours that may be limiting from a cultural perspective
  • Identifies performance issues, by discussing objectives, clarifying expectations and formulating outcomes in collaboration with the client.

Our Methodology

Executive Cultural Coaching training programs are structured in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods. Programs utilise a range of diagnostic tools, offer regular evaluation and frequent feedback. The approach is a combination of face-to-face meetings, job shadowing (if required), email and telephone support.

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