Executive Cultural Briefings

Tom – everyone tells me that I made the best speech from the whole program of this economical mission. Even the princess congratulated me personally! Thank you to have helped me so personally.”

Trade Commissioner
Belgian Trade Commission @ Kuala Lumpur

Whether negotiating across borders, improving presentation skills for cross-cultural audiences, selling and marketing across cultures, or improving inter-cultural communication skills, Executive Cultural Briefings are valuable and effective in achieving measurable results.

The structure, content and duration of all our Executive Cultural Briefings are tailored to meet individual organisation requirements.  We maintain a collaborative environment that supports a valuable exchange of ideas and ensures that we fully understand your business objectives and desired outcomes.

Our Methodology

Executive cultural briefings include:

  • Customized agendas that target your specific challenges and goals
  • Personalized presentations for senior leaders and subject matter experts
  • Feedback and follow-up of performances.

Our approaches promote goal alignment, cultural knowledge and expertise, and accelerated business success.