Developing Asian Leaders

Tom always provided me with great insights, personal examples and a sense of real commitment to helping me to succeed in both my personal and professional lives.”

Rudra Panda
Former Regional Director
Sara Lee Information Centre of Excellence

Cultural Synergies develop strategies and initiatives that identify and support the cultural challenges of Asian leaders.

We work to improve organisational cultures that support an Asian environment and ensure that they are compatible with local cultures.

Leadership is viewed through a cultural lens. Effective and ineffective leadership is culture specific and understanding these differences can be a key competitive advantage.

We work with expatriates and local leaders who manage and lead organisations in multiple locations. In addition, we support them in understanding the ‘cultural lay of the land’ and provide them with the skills and knowledge to work within multiple cultures.

Career and succession planning are key drivers of business growth. We help organisations to strategically attract, retain and develop their talent pool of Asian leaders.

Closing the Asian talent gap requires a broad approach. Cultural Synergies supports leaders in cultivating global outlooks and developing local knowledge and expertise.

Individual Benefits for Developing Asian Talent

  • Clarity of cultural leadership demands at both local and global levels
  • Cultural awareness of behaviours, attitudes and work style differences
  • Clarity of expectations
  • Improved inclusive leadership skills
  • Improved intercultural communications skills, emotional and cultural intelligence
  • A framework to support leaders to impart their knowledge in a virtuous cycle
  • Support structures to achieve key performance objectives
  • Improved skills to leverage cultural diversity

Organisational Benefits for Developing Asian Talent

  • Harnessing local talent
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • Culturally appropriate conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Strategic depth of succession planning
  • Intimate knowledge of local markets
  • Stronger local relationships that are forged at a faster rate
  • Greater financial return on investments in local regions

We offer Cross Cultural Mentoring and Executive Cultural Coaching to support the preparation of potential Asian leaders.

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