Cultural Intelligence

Dr. Tom Verghese has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cultural intelligence which he shares generously. The session was enlightening and inspiring, and the presentation was entertaining, interactive and thought provoking.”

Gloria Sleaby
Chair SME Committee CPA Australia

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Workshops

Are recommended for teams and leaders who are working across cultures either in virtual environments or face-to-face.  In collaboration with our clients we develop CQ workshops that will provide the best possible practical and sustainable results.

Our workshops raise cultural awareness, develop the skills and strategies essential for individuals and teams to work successfully across cultures, distance and time zones.

The content and level of our CQ workshops vary from introductory CQ programs, to more complex programs for teams or leaders who are working and/or leading across borders.

Some of the typical benefits of CQ workshops

  • Equip individuals and teams to understand the impact of culture on communication, teamwork and business procedures
  • Increase awareness and knowledge on the similarities and differences of cultural environments
  • Provide strategies to work and manage more effectively in virtual environments
  • Improve the ability of teams to transfer knowledge, accelerate productivity and learn how to partner more effectively with their overseas counterparts
  • Develop the skills and strategies to influence and manage ambiguity and conflict using culturally appropriate behaviors
  • Develop mindsets that support cultural agility and the leveraging of cultural differences
  • Develop the skills and strategies to support local talent.

To read further please go to The Business Case for Cultural Intelligence.