Cross Cultural Mentoring

As always, it’s a pleasure to spend some time with you. Everything that I have the confidence & courage to do is because of your inspiration. I am forever grateful to you.”

Santosh Nambiar
Author and Speaker

Leading across cultures is a multifaceted undertaking. Our Cross Cultural Mentoring program offers global leaders the opportunity to share knowledge, reflect on their experiences and define their personal and organisational values. Mentoring offers clients a flexible and confidential sounding board to consult and strategise with.

Benefits of Cross Cultural Mentoring

  • Demonstrates organisational commitment to the leadership teams and individuals
  • Supports talent retention
  • Fast tracks high potential talent to future positions within the organisation
  • As an additional support to the professional growth of leaders, it encourages dialogue and reflection
  • Dr. Verghese conducts his mentoring programs in a supportive, yet challenging manner. It is a useful tool for leaders who are leading through complex and culturally diverse environments
  • Cross-Cultural Mentoring has proven to be an effective tool in assisting executives to improve self-awareness, awareness of their roles and the cultural context within which they are leading
  • Dr. Verghese offers a wealth of practical wisdom and a hands-on approach that utilises feedback, performance objectives and metrics to guide the mentoring process.

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