Tom – everyone tells me that I made the best speech from the whole program of this economical mission. Even the princess congratulated me personally! Thank you to have helped me so personally.”

Trade Commissioner
Belgian Trade Commission @ Kuala Lumpur

Strategy and Advisory

Cultural Synergies works closely with clients to develop sustainable strategies that improve global skills for working successfully across cultures.  Cultural Synergies is a trusted advisor to various Fortune 500 companies.

What is our Methodology?

  • Assess current organisational, team and individual CQ levels
  • Create a case for CQ and a vision for developing and implementing CQ
  • Assist organisations in understanding the impact that culture has on all aspects of doing business and working in global environments
  • Create road maps for leveraging cultural differences and similarities
  • Provide strategies for working with conflict and ambiguity
  • Revise and redesign current cultural awareness and diversity programs and strategies
  • Review current strategies and processes, exposing current and potential cultural challenges and provide recommendations for optimising efficiency
  • Devise realistic and sustainable cultural diversity and inclusion approaches that provide organisations with autonomy and control.

All of our strategies are fully customised. We take a collaborative approach, ensuring that our CQ strategies are aligned with your corporate vision and objectives.

We leverage our experience of over two decades to provide us with a range of techniques and practices that are industry and country specific.

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