Traits of an effective DE&I Practitioner – Part 3 – Energy, Passion and Resilience


This is part 3 of a mini-series:  I am currently part of a collaborative project with a group of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practitioners. As part of that I have been gathering my thoughts on what I see as the necessary traits of an effective practitioner. Enjoy and I hope you find it useful.
This is linked to Intrinsic motivation. This work requires tenacity and a long-term view.
It can be frustrating, disappointing and sometimes very confounding so the ability to keep going is important. Sometimes for extended periods of time there can be few tangible results.
It requires resilience and the ability to focus on small wins and to think of these as a ‘ripple’ effect’. It is inevitable that there will be knock backs, rejections and sometimes open hostility; so, a thick skin also helps.