The Business Case for Cultural Intelligence – Part 2


The business case for CQ is:

  • Open up new markets and provide for a deeper understanding of these markets
  • Improve engagement with local staff
  • Leverage local knowledge and expertise
  • Improve innovation and creativity
  • Reduce costs and improve timelines on projects
  • Lead to greater collaboration between teams
  • Develop greater understanding of what your local customers and clients need
  • Establish/improve relationships and trust at a much faster rate

Cultural Intelligence assists your organisation to achieve the above by:

Improved listening + communication skills = greater extraction of local knowledge + deeper relationships

Understanding behaviours and habits in local markets = improved teamwork + improved relationships

Improved leadership skills = increased staff productivity + talent development

Improved trust = increased collaboration + increased innovation

Supporting change + Fostering resilience = improved alignment + collaboration in teams

Developing CQ is not easy – it requires motivation, reflection, insight, knowledge and skills. I have seen enormous benefits to my clients from the application of CQ demonstrated through their skills and capabilities.

Cultural intelligence gives individuals and organisations different ways of thinking and behaviours that support more effective business processes and outcomes. In this ever competitive, globalised world, CQ is what will make the difference between a mediocre and a successful transnational organisation.