Responding vs Reacting

Responding vs Reacting

In this episode, Tom discusses the difference between responding vs reacting, and some of the steps that a leader can take to respond in a better manner when dealing with situations that he may not agree with.

Responding vs Reacting

  • A good leader is one who is able to respond in a better manner instead of reacting so quickly when faced with situations that he/she may not agree with.
  • RADER stands for Recognise, Analyse, Decide, Execute, Reflect.
  • It’s important for a leader to take a moment to think and decide how he is going to respond. 
  • It helps a lot when you’re curious. Ask questions and clarify before reacting all at once.

Today’s Take-away

  • Think about a time when you have reacted to a certain situation or idea and compare it to a time when you have actally responded to a situation/idea. What’s the difference?

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