Reflections on Turning 60

Turning 60

In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom reflects on his 60th birthday, and valuable lessons he learned from it that relates to leadership. 

The Age of Renunciation

  • In the Indian culture, turning 60 is referred to as the age of renunciation. Renouncing means giving things up rather than accumulating.

Reflections and Milestones

  • Relationships add richness to our lives.
  • Turning 60 is a significant milestone. It’s a celebration, an opportunity to acknowledge people that have made a contribution in your life
  • One’s life is based on memories but it’s actually having someone whom you can share a story with that brings it to life.
  • Fun is important. It gives joy. As leaders, we need to ensure that our people are having fun. 
  • Leadership is all about building and maintaining relationships. It is how you get people to do things.
  • It’s important to get our families involved in whatever it is that we are doing. As leaders, we need to know that sometimes our families make huge amount of sacrifices that enable us to become successful.
  • Vulnerability is an important leadership aspect.  
  • Leadership is all about celebrating milestones. It’s all about creating experiences for our teams and our customers to make them feel that we are all united in one adventure.

Today’s Take-away Action

  • How are you celebrating? How do you take your whole team on board?
  • How do you build relationships and connections?
  • How do you demonstrate vulnerability?

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