In one of my podcasts, I talked about Sir Paul McCartney as a global leader. I referred to the three things which I thought he had which have sustained him for more than 60 years in the music business. They were namely his passion for his work. Secondly, health and fitness and thirdly, the ability to re-invent. What I’d like to do is actually take each one of these points and expand on them a little more. 
Firstly, I look at passion as having a sense of energy and enthusiasm. Something that gives you joy and something that lights you up. I think passion is something that gets you doing something even if you’re not getting paid for it. In other words it fills your soul. It’s something you feel you want to do, you have a high degree of enthusiasm for it. How does this impact us as global leaders? I think it’s really important for us to find the passion in our lives. Now, does it always have to be with work? No, it does not. There are many people who are passionate about other things outside of work. Some people of course are passionate about sports, other people are passionate about music, reading, movies, bush walking or photography. Whatever it is, find an area or areas you are passionate about or something that gives you joy. If you can have joy in one area of your life, it will be much easier to transmit that to other areas in your life.
I think that’s the first thing you should be doing, finding an area you are passionate about. Once you have found that area of passion, the second point is how do you build your depth in that particular area? How do you get a level of expertise in that area of passion? How do you increase your knowledge in that area? How do you become more skillful in that area? How do you embrace that particular topic more? If it’s, for example photography as a passion, how do you become a better photographer? How do you get to know more about the different lighting? How do you get to know more about the different lenses? How do you actually get better shots in different environments? 
The third area around passion, I think is that part of passion is actually teaching others. How do you in fact use your passion to spread the word? How do you use your level of enthusiasm and your interest in a particular topic to get other people inspired? If you do that, then what you actually do is get other people also involved in that particular area. If you look at all great change and all great topics that have sustained over periods, it’s because people were passionate about it and they were then able to get other people also passionate about it and hence the passing onto generations. So Paul McCartney is very passionate about his music. As a global leader what’s the reflection point? Firstly, what are you passionate about? Second point, how do you then build some depth in that area? And third point is how do you share it?