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April 2014

Yes, we are asking for your help. 

We are designing a cultural intelligence tool, which is now in the validation phase. We require at least 200 people to participate in the pilot survey.

 We are offering subscribers to The Cultural Synergist who complete the survey an opportunity to go in the draw for a free DVD. Please complete the survey by Tuesday 22nd April and email your address details to Emma.thompson@culturalsynergies.com.  and specify which DVD you would like  in the draw. There is a choice of two DVD�s either Sourcing Across Cultures or Raising Your Cultural IQ.

There are currently 26 questions in the assessment tool that requires approximately 8 minutes to complete.  If you would like to participate please follow click here 'Cultural Intelligence Assessment Tool'.

We look forward to offering our clients a reliable cultural intelligence assessment tool that will provide users with an accurate and comprehensive cultural intelligence profile that will be valuable for individuals, teams and organisations working across cultures, distance and time zones.

 Thank you!

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Best Wishes
Tom Verghese

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  We Need Your Help!  




I have had this book for quite some time but it is one that I often come back to.  I like the candid nature that this book adopts in terms of turning what can seem like abstract ideas into reality. It is a practical guide for design thinking. 

I particularly like the layout of this book as it maps the flow of the design process within the context of a specific project. It assists readers to identify opportunities, draft a design brief, conduct research, establish design criteria, brainstorm, develop concepts and gather feedback from stakeholders.

" Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers." By Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie (2011).

'Raising Your Cultural IQ - DVD and CD

'Raising Your Cultural IQ' explores the issues around culture, the challenges that culture can pose and provides some great strategies on how to leverage on cultural differences and similarities.


'The Invisible Elephant - Exploring Cultural Awareness'
2nd Edition by Tom Verghese

Many aspects of culture are invisible, yet culture has an enormous impact on our lives. Like an Invisible Elephant, if ignored these aspects can lead to misunderstanding, stress and conflict. Alternatively, if attention is given to the Invisible Elephant, it can enhance productivity, improve teamwork and create more joy in our lives.

Book testimonial by Asma Ghabshi
Learning And Development Manager, Shell Oman:

"The Invisible Elephant made my perspective of my national culture in comparison to my personal culture more visible. It has given me a deep insight into dealing with people of different cultural backgrounds."

'Pillars of Growth - Strategies for Leading Sustainable Growth' - Book by Tom Verghese, Kerry Larkan, Steven Howard and Brad Tonini
Written with the business leaders and entrepreneurs of Asia in mind, 'Pillars of Growth' provides a road map to assist you in thinking through four critical concerns that impact the sustainable growth of every business.