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The Cultural Synergist- Insights for the month

September 2023

Issue # 185

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Enduring Relationships...


Last week, I caught up with a group of friends that I have known for 40 years. We usually meet every second year or so for a long weekend somewhere in Australia. However, due to the disruption of the last few years, we have not done so for 5 years. It was wonderful to reunite and enjoy time together in Perth.

In another lifetime, we all worked together as part of a sales team. We were from different parts of the world, young, adventurous and fun loving. We became a tight knit, high performing team and developed a deep bond that has sustained. That period is one of the most memorable in my life.

I was reflecting on this and although our lives have changed, we do different types of work and live in different parts of the country, we still connect due to shared values and history. It is interesting that our bond which developed through work become one that has continued to endure in our lives. It is something I am truly grateful for.

Relationships and friendships that we develop through our work can be some of the most important and impactful. In fact, I met my wife through work, and we celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary this year!

What have been the enduring relationships in your life? Where did they begin?


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Book recommendation:



Man-Made, Tracey Spicer

Man-Made is the book we need as we grapple with how AI will change our lives and our world. Opening with a brilliant short, sharp review of the industrial revolutions that have shaped history, Spicer takes us to the famed Dartmouth College gathering in 1956 where the term AI was coined. She explains its meaning as “a constellation of technologies” - machines operating in a way that simulates human intelligence. With her passion for social justice, and her investigative skills and experience, Spicer embarked on an extraordinary 6 year process of rigorous international research, interviews and intensive fact checking. These form the basis for her scintillating and fast-moving exploration of this transformational technology. The quality and extent of Spicer’s meticulous research shines through in this remarkable book.

Man-Made’s strength lies in its accessibility. This is a book for everyone. Starting with an explanation of how AI is already invading every facet of our everyday lives, Spicer delves into the questions we are all asking - and those we haven’t even thought about. As the story of AI unfolds in Man-Made, the sense of urgency escalates, making this an exhilarating read. Spicer deserves our gratitude for throwing a light into dark places, and giving us the knowledge, tools and power to begin to understand the future.