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Insights for the month with Dr Tom Verghese
The Cultural Synergist- Insights for the month

August 2023

Issue # 184

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Lived Experience...


In a conversation with a client not long ago, we discussed a question asked by an employee regarding the organisation’s policy on menopause. The client was pondering on whether there was any need for this. I suggested that perhaps this perspective could be because she was not yet at the point of experiencing it being in her mid-thirties and having a young family. She did not have the ‘lived experience’ of menopause and therefore, it was difficult to imagine.

I have no ‘lived experience’ of menopause either, however my interest in the topic of conscious ageing has informed me that the experience of menopause is highly varied. Some people having minimal symptoms while others have more severe and disruptive ones. There is also a level of taboo around speaking about the topic, even among women. My suggestion to the client was to invite women in the organisation who might be interested in the topic into some focus groups. She could also follow up with one-on-one conversations. The ‘lived experience’ is valuable in these sensitive topics as it provides insights and perspectives. Incidentally, men go through something similar and it is called andropause. Again, a topic that is hardly discussed.

Engaging in some of the above actions would demonstrate that the client was listening to concerns raised and educating herself and others on the topic; and taking whatever further actions seemed appropriate.

This highlights how multi-dimensional diversity, equity and inclusion is and how we are broadening our understanding of the field. Hearing the ‘lived experiences’ and ‘voices’ of different groups provides us with empathy and different perspectives.


Quote of the month:


"Health is the greatest possession.

Contentment is the greatest treasure

Confidence is the greatest friend

Non-being is the greatest joy."

-Lao Tzu


Book recommendation:



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