The Cultural Synergist

Insights for the month with Dr Tom Verghese
The Cultural Synergist- Insights for the month

April 2023

Issue # 180

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Leadership and Awareness of 'Other'...


As part of residing in a new city, I am making a concerted effort to meet new people and do new things. A friend I met recently invited me to a group dinner, so in the spirit of being expansive, I of course accepted. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet new people and be included. The group was an interesting mix of people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Over the course of the evening, I noticed that one of the guests was very dominating in all the conversations we had. Anything that was discussed had to be expanded further, with the person ‘one upping’ anything that others shared. It made me feel uncomfortable and I wondered if I should say something. Being new to the group and a guest, I decided not to mention it or challenge the situation. The lack of inclusion of different voices did however leave me feeling out of sorts.

I reflected on it later and was reminded that as leaders and elders, the impact of not having an awareness of others and an ability to listen can be very costly. Having a level of emotional intelligence and being aware of how others are responding and receiving your output is a vital skill both personally and professionally. As leaders, we need to be considering the impacts of our behaviour and how this reflects on how we show up, what we model and how it contributes to the culture of our group or organisation.

As a leader, how are you checking yourself?


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Anti-Time Management, Richie Norton

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