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The Cultural Synergist- Insights for the month

November 2022

Issue # 175

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Inclusive Leadership Tool...


This year has seen Cultural Synergies, expand our services and offerings. Our clients have come to us with projects that have required innovation and a more long-sighted approach to some of the challenges they face. So, it has indeed been an exciting and intensive year for us! We have combined two of the main areas we work in, leadership and inclusion, into a dynamic hybrid program that assists leaders to better understand how they can better lead themselves, their teams and their organisations in more inclusive ways. Across a number of sectors, it is becoming evident that being an inclusive leader has many benefits.

The culmination of this work has led to us developing an Inclusive Leadership Tool.

The tool is comprised of a series of questions based on 7 traits of Inclusive leaders, adapted from the extensive research and work of Chung et al (2020), Carmeli et al (2010), and Northouse (2021). The tool is suitable for both leaders of teams and individual contributors.

These are:

1)Openness: Receptivity for new information, challenging the status quo, and where appropriate, changing direction.

2)Availability: Ensuring sufficient presence and attention to focus on important topics and interactions with team members.

3)Accessibility: Seeking to remove barriers to communication and to promote early identification of potential issues.

4)Psychological Safety: A space where people can express themselves and take risks without fear of negative consequences.

5)Belonging: Supportive inclusion in groups which enables full and active participation.

6)Uniqueness: The singularity or 'differentness' of each individual, which reflects the inherent diversity of people, experiences, and perspectives.

7)Creativity/Innovation: Originality of work which enables novel solutions to problems and understanding that failure is possible and often a rich source of learning.

As a way of showing our appreciation to all our subscribers and as an end of year gift, we thought we would share it with our compliments. Within a few days of completion, you will be sent a personalised report giving you some key insights into your levels of Inclusive Leadership. As part of our ongoing development and learning, we are keen to hear your feedback and would appreciate you taking the time to provide some information on your experience with the tool once it has been completed. A link to the survey will be attached to the report for your feedback.

We hope that you find it to be useful in gaining insight to where your strengths and areas for improvement in terms of Inclusive Leadership may be.

Please click here to complete the tool.

Quote of the month:


"Leader is a title, leadership is a behaviour."

- Robin Sharma


Book recommendation:




Fostering Culturally Diverse Leadership in Organisations, Karen Loon

Leveraging academic research and case studies, knowledge as a business leader and diversity practitioner, and personal experience, Karen Loon examines how successful culturally diverse leaders at work resolve the contradictions and tensions of their identities within organisations. What can we learn from those leaders who have thrived and smashed the 'bamboo ceiling'? Moreover, are there other factors holding organisational change back?

The book proposes research-based recommendations for aspiring leaders and corporate practitioners whilst revealing the potential inhibitors to progress. Split into three sections, Loon examines current research on identities in multicultural nations and organisations, delves into the career progression of successful Asian-Australian leaders to explore how they negotiate identity in the workplace, and provides a roadmap of actions for business leaders looking to create more inclusive and diverse cultures in their organisations.

Written for both people new to diversity and those keen on new perspectives, the book is well-suited for aspiring leaders at any stage of their careers looking to accelerate their careers, as well as C-Suite, HR, and Diversity leads.