December 2021

Another Year is Over...

As we come to the end of the year, I find it useful to take some time to reflect on the year that has been and plan-dream for the year ahead.

Like many people when I entered 2021, I felt a sense of relief that the terrible challenges of 2020 would be over and there would be some kind of return to normalcy. However, as I consider the year in retrospect it was indeed far from the reality. My expectation was that with vaccinations becoming available around the globe and the strong position Australia was in regard to COVID, that life and business would assume it previous rhythm. Of course this was not to be the case.

In Melbourne we faced numerous additional lockdowns and restrictions. Work that I had planned to do in person around Australia and internationally was postponed and remains so until borders reopen domestically and internationally. In effect it was another year of unplanned disruption. I reflected that in order to cope with this, being agile has been an important skill to draw on, however this alone was not enough as fatigue set in. In order to continue to navigate the uncertainty and challenges that occurred, faith, resilience and acceptance that I was capable of getting to the other side were also key.

Just as there are a multiple factors factors leading to success in any venture, this highlights that it is often a combination of skills and approaches that can help us when we face headwinds. When you consider the length of time that humanity has been in existence for, one can appreciate that many of these skills are in fact inherent in us, yet we have to draw on them to remain optimistic and grounded.

What were your learnings for the year? What your stories from 2021?

I would like to wish all our readers the very best over the festive season and for the new year. May this time be one of joy, togetherness and peace. Thank you for your support and feedback through-out the year.


Book Recommendation:


Making Sense of Stories-An Inquirer's Compendium, Edited by Geoff Hill and Andrew Rixon.

This book is an essential companion to The Story Cookbook, and provides a compendium of the varied and different ways stories can be analysed in research and inquiry. Drawing from a range of disciplines such as psychology, sociology and literature studies, this book is an invaluable guide for the researcher, consultant or professional keen to use storytelling as inquiry. Created itself as an iterative action inquiry, and sourced from an international assembly of contributors, the 29 chapters provide an array of ways to analyse stories including juxtaposition, circumambulation, strengths-analysis, grounded theory and thematic analysis approaches. Because of the detail in illuminating each analytical method, this book provides a rich diverse and valuable resource for making sense of stories.