January 2021

Welcome to 2021!!

Over the New Year break I was fortunate to travel along the Victorian coast and enjoy some time out from the city. It was a very refreshing change after many months in lock down last year. During that time, I went for a walk along some rocks by the beach with a friend and my dog. A storm had come in earlier and the rocks were still wet. Immersed in conversation, as I walked along the rocks I lost my footing and slipped and fell right onto my side injuring my ribs. Two days later, I fell again!

It was quite painful and my wife encouraged me to have a massage to see if that might help with my discomfort. So I went to have a massage during which time I mentioned my falls to the masseur. She explained that my second fall could be related to me changing my movement to compensate for the earlier injury. She went further to say, that once one area of the body is out of place it then impacts the rest of the body and can throw everything out including your gait which then further affects your movement.

I felt a little better after the massage and the conversation with the masseur highlighted for me in a symbolic way, the impacts of 2020 as a year. I reflected on the importance of recalibrating and processing the many challenges that had arisen so I could bring myself to the new year aligned and free of the weight that 2020 had imposed on me. So as 2021 begins I start afresh with the knowledge that everything may not got to plan but I do have the capacity to adapt myself and get through it albeit with a little soreness!!

How are you unwinding the year that was 2020 and what do you need to do to recalibrate yourself for the new year ahead?


Book Recommendation:


What's Your Plan?: How to turn your Business and Life around with Heart, Vision and Purpose, Suzzanne Laidlaw

As a way to encourage our readers to get the year off to a good start I thought I would share this book written by a close friend. I have known Suzzanne for a long time and have a strong allegiance with her. She has had an amazing life. In What’s Your Plan ? she shares the incredible story of her life and challenges whilst cleverly incorporating points on how she has built a successful business and her own key learnings.

What's Your Plan? provides a step-by-step guide to proactively planning a successful business model, implementing practical tools to take your business to the next level, and avoiding pitfalls along the way. You will learn from real clients and receive 'no-nonsense,' hands-on advice to help you develop a profitable, successful and resilient business to support your life and your dreams.

With decades of experience as a business owner and business coach, Suzzanne combines her powerful life journey with practical business lessons learned, to bring you her unique and inspirational recipe for business success.