December 2019

2019 - It's a wrap!

As the year comes to an end and the festive season begins, it’s an apt moment to reflect on the year that has gone by and what lies ahead in the coming year as well. There is always so much going on, that I find the end of year presents an opportunity to take some time to consider what has come to pass. Here are some of the standouts for me in 2019.


This year has seen a number of really positive developments and one of those is a new foray into the subject of conscious ageing. This has included some speaking engagements, and will expand early next year to a workshop series and a retreat focused on discussing some of the key themes around this topic.

Cultural Synergies has also expanded our work into some new arenas including local government and state government. 2019 has seen our level of collaboration with some highly experienced professionals and organisations increase on a number of specific projects, which has been deeply insightful and informative.

Cultural Synergies has diversified its media presence through a monthly article contribution to Procurious that investigates CQ and its application to working across cultures. Our podcasting offering has also grown through the creation of an in depth discussion space and interviews with myself and Dr Jurgen Strauss. I have also been fortunate to deliver some keynotes to large audiences and share the knowledge I have around Cultural Intelligence and provide some strategies how to better navigate working across cultures. On a personal note, turning 60 has helped sharpen my focus on how much time I have left on the planet and how to spend it in both my private and professional life.

Low lights

As with everything, there has been some areas of life and work that have been challenging. At a personal level I have faced some difficult moments this year with a close family member dealing with mental health issues. I have seen firsthand the impact it has on both individuals and their loved ones and am ever mindful of the incredible people who work helping and supporting others through these hard times.

Cyber security and its importance have also been an area of headache for me having had some negative experiences with phishing and account issues. It is disturbing to note how much time and effort is required to deal with it not to mention the stress levels involved!!

Going forward

Going forward, what does the year 2020 have in store? Well at this point, Cultural Synergies is expanding in new ways and into new areas which is of course very exciting. The Conscious Ageing discussion will hopefully grow and provide people with some positive and useful points on how we can all be prepared for change. We are also looking forward to more collaboration with our valued partners as well as experimenting with some new ways of connecting with our audience through social media. Lastly as we have seen our engagement with different client bases grow in 2019, we are keen to broaden our horizons and continue the journey of sharing our savoir faire in the space of Diversity and Inclusion and High Performance with more people and organisations.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement in 2019. I wish you a joyous festive season and a happy and prosperous 2020.



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Book Recommendation:


The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling, Stephen Cope

In The Great Work of Your Life, Stephen Cope suggests that to have a fulfilling life you must discover the deep purpose hidden at the very core of yourself. The secret to unlocking this mystery, he asserts, can be found in the pages of the two-thousand-year-old spiritual classic the Bhagavad Gita—an ancient allegory about the path to dharma, told through a timeless dialogue between the fabled archer, Arjuna, and his divine mentor, Krishna. Cope takes readers on a step-by-step tour of this revered tale and highlights well-known Western lives that embody its central principles—including such luminaries as Jane Goodall, Walt Whitman, Susan B. Anthony, John Keats, and Harriet Tubman, along with stories of everyday people as well. For those feeling lost in life’s journey, The Great Work of Your Life may be a useful guide to finding and to embracing your true calling.

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