Albert Mehrabian identified 3 main areas of face to face communication and developed the theory of the 7- 38- 55 communication rule. This concept explains that 7% of meaning is conveyed through spoken word, 38% through tone of voice and 55% through body language.
Interesting to note how important body language is. Having been thrown into working more in the digital space as a result of COVID, I have really noticed how much more challenging it can be to read body language in the online world.
When you add in other factors such as working across culture, language, online fatigue and distractions, it becomes very complex indeed. It becomes necessary when working online to really listen beyond words and decipher the intent of what people are saying and the context in which it is said.
Listening with your heart can be a great help in connecting us with what people are trying to share and communicate. Give it a try!