Delight, Puzzle, Irritation

Delight, Puzzle, Irritation

In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom reflects on the things that we often find delightful, puzzling, and irritating when interacting with people from different cultures.

Delight, Puzzle, Irritation

  • Some of the most common things that delight people when interacting with different cultures are food, fashion, environment. People tend to find things that they actually see to be delightful.
  • Puzzles are things that people don’t understand about a particular culture. 
  • Culture is the way we do things around here – Fons Trompenaars
  • Irritation is internal to us. Irritation is only an irritation because of our own interpretation of what is happening. 
  • Bias is a preference. We are all biased. Irritation is being judgemental.
  • People are more than willing to explain it if you just ask. Those puzzling bits are a learning opportunity. 
  • There are things about our own culture that others get irritated by just as we get irritated by some of the things in other people’s cultures.

Today’s Take-away

  • Try this activity in your group.
  • How did it go? What did you find out?

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