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CQGL Ep 12 - Renewal Renewal - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom talks about renewal and how leaders can keep their energy up.  Renewal…
Vulnerability-CQ Vulnerability - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses vulnerability and why it’s important in leadership.  Vulnerability Being vulnerable means…
CQGL-010 Belonging Belonging - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses how leaders can enable their people to have a sense of…
Leading from the Inside Out Leading from the Inside Out - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom talks about managing our inner voices and leading from the inside out.…
CQ Action CQ Action - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses the fourth component of cultural intelligence, which is CQ Action. CQ…
CQ Strategy CQ Strategy - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses the third component of cultural intelligence, which is CQ Strategy. CQ…
Nine Dimensions of CQ Nine Dimensions of CQ - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses the nine dimensions of cultural intelligence. The Nine Dimensions of Cultural…
CQ Knowledge - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses the second component of cultural intelligence, which is CQ Knowledge. CQ…
CQ Drive CQ Drive - In this  episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses the first component of cultural intelligence, which is CQ Drive. CQ…
Cultural Intelligence and Global Leadership Cultural Intelligence and Global Leadership - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses the 4 aspects of cultural intelligence and the role of CQ…
What is Culture What is Culture? - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses what culture is all about - how culture is tacit and…
Leadership and CQ Leadership and CQ - In this episode of the CQ for Global Leaders Podcast, Tom discusses leadership, global leadership and why cultural intelligence is important in both.…
Do I stay or Do I Go? - Are your personal values aligned with your organizational values?
Arranged vs. Love Marriage - Did you know that the number of divorces in arranged marriages is extremely low and what does that have to do with your…
Single, Double and Triple Loop Learning - How do you and your organization learn? Are you just learning for yourself or learning for the purpose of teaching it to someone…
Self Efficacy - Self Efficacy is your ability to deal with things even when you don’t know what to do or how to handle them. How…
The Cave Rescue - Calmness, courage, common objective and clear intention were some of the key reasons for the success of the rescue. Listen to this podcast…
What’s your experience of working here? - Why is this an important question to ask your people and what can you learn from the answers?
Career Counseling - Are you helping your team members in their career choices and directions and what possible adjustments should you make in your own life…
Recalibration - What should you do when you mess up your cultural synergy? Perhaps it’s time for recalibration.
To collaborate or not? - Having the proper mindset is one of of the key elements of collaboration. In this podcasts Tom reveals the others.
Cross cultural project teams - How are you navigating cross cultural project teams and what can you do to improve such? Listen to this podcast and to Tom…
Turn taking in conversations - It is customary in some cultures to interrupt others during conversations while for others to take a long silence. Listen to this podcast…
Culture Shock - Have you faced or are facing a culture shock? What are the symptoms and what are some tips you can use?
What’s your brand? - What are you doing consistently to reinforce your brand?
Trusted Advisors - Are you playing too safe and are you using advisors to push you to your next level? Listen to this podcast and Tom…
What are your strengths? - A diverse team will outperform others if managed well and strengths are recognized.
What’s your story? - Why do you do what you do? what drives you? What gets you excited? what’s the narrative your share with your customers, suppliers…
Cascading Your Learning - Are you learning for yourself or for teaching others or both?
Speed - What are the stumbling blocks that hold us from reaching our goals faster?
Simplicity - We often overcomplicate our lives and business. In this podcast, Tom reveals how to simplify our complicated world.
Focus - To increase your focus you must be deliberate and relevant among a few other things.
How do you show up? - How are focus, simplicity and speed used to improve the best you?
A perspective on indigenous culture - Listen to Tom shares the wisdom he has learned from the indigenous culture and how this applies to us making sense of this…
Rituals - As a global leader what are some of the rituals that help you improve your performance and what does looking for coffee in…
Taking time out - In this podcast Tom shares his leadership learning experiences and lessons learned form taking time out.
A quick feedback model - Do you have a successful framework to provide feedback to your teams? In this podcast Tom shares his favorite model.
The GROW coaching model - Why should senior leaders become great coaches and how can they leverage the GROW coaching model?
Psychological Safety Redux - What is psychological safety and why is that important in your organization?
Building on strength - Listen to this podcast and discover what are some of the things you could do to build on strength.
Does it make a difference? - What are your messages? Are they impacting others and making a difference?
Having a contrarian on your team - Do you promote conflict or harmony among your team members? Do you stifle or encourage contrarian thinking?
The “goal posts” have moved - Tom discusses 5 profound keys to deal with change when the goal posts have moved.
Guiding principals - Is what I am doing right now helping me get the results I need is the first guiding principle for success. Listen to…
Should I relocate? - There are extrinsic vs. intrinsic reasons to relocate and you should be clear on which you should embrace. In this podcast Tom shares…
Face to face vs virtual learning - How do you educate your team and what are the pros and cons of these learning methods?
Problem or solution focused - There are key distinctions between the two approaches and in this podcast Tom clarifies them and shares his recommendations.
How do you show up? - What impact does your mood have on your teams and why should you care?
Fresh Eyes - Listen to this podcast and to Tom discussing why it’s critical to get the view points of your team and with fresh eyes.
Influencing stakeholders - In this podcast Tom reveals the 5 principles of influencing stakeholders
The Change Continuum - Are you an innovator, a change agent, a pragmatist, a skeptics, or a traditionalist? Which group do you belong to and why is…
Gratitude Part 2 - Exercise, spending time outdoors, diet, mindfulness and meditation are a few attributes of gratitude. In this podcast, Tom reveals all eight.
Are you the expert? - How would you answer this question if asked?
Confidence vs. Arrogance - In this podcast Tom shared the key distinction between confidence and arrogance. Also discover what this has to do with a fixed and…
Holding people accountable - Checkpoints and milestones are some of the ways to hold people accountable. In this podcast Tom reveals three other ways as well.
Psychological safety - People will not provide their point of views if they don’t feel psychologically safe. Listen to this podcast and to Tom discussing this…
Gratitude - Listen to this podcast and to Tom discussing the death of Anthony Bourdain, global leadership, and a sense of gratitude.
Learning to delegate - Are you overwhelmed with all that there is to do and what does delegation have to do with empowering your team? Listen to…
What’s your point of view? - Listen to this podcast and to Tom and discover why your point of view is critical for your success.
Managing your mood - What mode is your face communicating to your team and customers and what are the 3 ways to manage your mood?
What’s the cadence of your group? - As a global leader, is your role to create change and disrupt the flow of the organization and what does that have to…
Loneliness  - What is the level of interaction in your role and those around you?
Conformity vs. Disruption  - As you become more senior should you conform or disrupt? 
Puzzles and mysteries  - Discover the significant differences between the two and their application for global leadership
Building collaborative workplaces - What are the barriers to collaboration and ways to overcome them?
The 4 Cs of collaboration - Discover the 4 Cs for great collaboration 
Reinvention  - Ideas to reinventing yourself and your teams
The Importance Of Understanding Your Culture Before You Start To Listen To Other Cultures - In low context, “No” means no. “Yes” means yes. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I get to…
Health & Fitness  - How do you maintain and what’s your plan for your health, fitness and energy?
What’s the passion for your work? - Listen to this podcast and find out the elements necessary to bring passion to your work
Hero – Hardship – Highlight - A unique activity to build a better team’s cohesion
To speak or not to speak - How do you decide whether to speak up or not?
Cultural Intelligence vs. Cultural Agility - How culturally agile are you and how are you applying your cultural intelligence into practice?
Sir Paul McCartney – A global leader - What are the leadership attributes of Sir Paul McCartney and what do they have to do with your business?
Courageous Leadership - What are your standards and should you be more courageous?
Are you in a bubble?  - How honest is the feedback you are getting?
Are you coachable? - How coachable are you and members of your team?
A quick feedback model - Best ways to provide constructive feedback
Swift trust - Insights to building trust quickly
Success of the month - Perhaps it's now time to share the success of the month
Mistake of the month - It's time to share the mistake of the month
Extrovert your thinking - Listen to this podcast and to Tom sharing why you should extrovert your thinking
You work too hard - When was the last time you just chilled and are you allowing thinking time?
Put your iPhone away - How much focus time do you devote and what distractions are you allowing in?
Transitions - How are you helping them make the transitions as they are promoted and are moving from different countries and teams?
Reentry - How do you best prepare people to reenter back?
Straight Talk - How much feedback do you provide and do you do it with rational candor?
Leadership Journey - In this podcast Tom discusses the importance of mapping your leadership journey.
Role Model - Do you and your teams have role models? Listen to this podcast and discover why you should.
Building Trust - Listen to Tom sharing his insights on effective ways to build trust
Crucial Conversations - How to develop high performing leadership teams?
The Interconnected World - Where are the projected new growth markets and how are you leveraging the current state of the world?
Reflecting - Are you too busy to reflect? Find out why you must schedule the time.
Delegating - In this podcast Tom discusses why should you replace yourself
Prioritizing - Why your list of things to do never decreases and what to do about it.
Busyness - In today’s busy world Tom shares three ways to take control of your time.
Role Modeling - Are you role modeling the values that you are talking about in your organization?  Tom examines how this effects your hiring decisions.
R.I.P. Francis Lai - In this podcast, Tom shares memories of his friend Francis Lai.
Lest We Forget - Tom explains the Australian holiday of Anzac Day and shares his personal experience.
Purpose - Tom discusses the importance of everyone in your workforce knowing the purpose of the organization.
Are Business Cards Passé? - Tom speaks on the purpose of the business card and its relevance in today’s digital age.
Resonating Across Cultures - Tom discusses the importance of making sure your message resonates with your global workforce.
Planting Seeds - In this podcast Tom reflects on today’s youth and the seeds that are being planted today to help them become better leaders tomorrow.
Subjective Vs. Objective Pricing - Tom explains what subjective vs. objective pricing is and how it manifests.
Being A Cultural Bridge - In today’s podcast Tom asks how can you improve your cultural bridge building skills?  As a global leader you are often the bridge…
Courageous Dialogues - Tom discusses the importance of asking difficult questions to challenge our thinking.
Are There People Like Me Here? - In this podcast Tom explains the importance of surrounding yourself with people that are a true representative of the demographics of your part…
Recognizing Performance Across Cultures - Tom shares ideas on performance recognition of people from different cultural backgrounds.
Instant Gratification - Tom discusses ways to build an emotional bank account with your employees, suppliers, and stakeholders in across different country locations.  
The Technical Relationship Matrix - Tom explains The Technical Relationship Matrix and how it is used.
Meeting Etiquette For Virtual Teams - In this podcast Tom discusses how to get the maximum value from your cross- cultural virtual meetings.
Lost In Translation - Tom shares three things to keep in mind when using a translator.
Humor Across Cultures - Tom discusses humor and what you need to be aware of when using it across cultures.
Technology To Bridge The Cultural Gap - Tom explains how to avoid mistakes when using today’s technology to communicate with others.  
The Concept Of Face - Tom shares the concept of losing face and its importance.  
Building Networks - In this podcast Tom suggests ways to build a network to increase your business opportunities.
What’s In A Name - Every name has a story – today Tom explains how much you can learn about others from this ice-breaker.
The Immersion Experience - In today’s podcast Tom shares the importance of immersing yourself with the key leaders in your organization.
System One – System Two Thinking - In this podcast Tom continues his discussion on neuroscience and how we think.
The Three Brain Models - Tom examines where cultural intelligence actually resides.
Generalities And Specifics - Tom explains how countries can share commonalities but still be distinct too.  
Core vs. Flex - Tom explains that in every culture there are core issues to their belief system and global leaders need to be aware of what…
Re-Entry - Tom gives tips on how to readjust back into home life after extensive global travel.
The Driven Leader - Tom shares what to expect if you want to be an effective global leader.
The Battlefields - While visiting the Vimy battlefields of France Tom reflects on conflict and how it affects global leaders.
Faith And Culture - Tom examines faith and the differences between cultures.
Cultural Basic Traits - In today’s podcast Tom shares what he learned culturally on a trip to Ireland.
Culture Is Deep - In this podcast Tom discusses how history can impact cultural relationships.
EU Wedding – Part 2 - Tom continues his reflections on his nephew’s wedding and cultural traditions.  
EU Wedding – Part 1 - Tom shares his cultural observations from his nephew’s wedding in London.
The-Nine-Dimensions-Of-Culture – Femininity And Masculinity - In the final podcast of this series Tom talks about the gender specific traits that are valued in different cultures.
The-Nine-Dimensions-Of-Culture- High And Low Context Communication - In this podcast Tom looks at high and low context communication.
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture – Polychronic And Monochronic - In this segment Tom discusses time orientation.
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture – Hierarchies And Equalities - In this dimension Tom speaks on hierarchies and equalities.
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture – Religious And Secular - Tom shares the effect of religion vs. secular in various cultures.
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture – Collectivism And Individualism - In today’s podcast Tom examines collectivism vs. Individualism in culture.
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture – Shame And Guilt - Tom explores the concept of shame vs. guilt in our cultures.
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture – Harmony And Control - In this podcast Tom stresses the importance of how we view the environment.
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture – Relationship And Task - Tom discusses the first dimension of relationship and task.
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture – Overview - Tom begins his new series examining The Nine Dimensions Of Culture.
Strategies For Overcoming Bias – Micro Inequities - Tom defines micro inequities and explains how to recognize this behavior and overcome it.
Strategies For Overcoming Bias – Perspective Taking - Tom examines another method for overcoming bias by sharing the steps for perspective taking.
Strategies For Overcoming Bias – When, Then Statements - In this podcast Tom shares strategies to overcome bias – specifically by using when, then statements.
Unconscious Bias - Continuing from the previous podcast, Tom expands on the concept of bias – both conscious and unconscious.
Diversity And Inclusion - In this podcast Tom shares his thoughts on how to embed diversity and inclusion into organizational practice.
Theory Vs. Action - Tom discusses the importance of bridging theory and practice and how to bring more practice into the business world.
Emerging Markets - There are so many developing economies and markets - Tom examines some of the key things to keep in mind when entering an…
Is Conflict Cultural Or Personal - While we all have different personality styles, managing conflict is a necessity.  Tom shares how to identify if conflict is personal or cultural.
Subjectivity Versus Objectivity - Bias is defined as a preference and we all have biases.  Tom examines the impact that bias has on cultural intelligence in the…
Culture Is Biased - Tom speaks on the impact that subconscious cultural biases have on leaders and the leadership of their organizations.
Culture Is Subjective - We use our own culture as a reference point.  In today’s podcast, Tom emphasizes the need to always be conscious of using stereotypes…
Culture Is Tacit - We don’t think about our culture until we’re out of our culture.  In this podcast Tom shares questions to think about when following…
The Clash Of Core Values - Tom discusses the importance of compromise when dealing with people of other cultures.
Flex Versus Core - Should you blend in with someone’s culture or should they blend in with yours?  Tom examines this question in today’s podcast.
Attributes of Culturally Intelligent Leaders - Today Tom shares five attributes needed to be a culturally intelligent leader.
Practices Of Culturally Intelligent Leaders - Tom touches on seven practices that global leaders do.
Skills - In today’s podcast Tom speaks on the three aspects of CQ Skills – the fourth component of cultural intelligence.
Strategy - Tom shares the third component of cultural intelligence – CQ Strategy.
The Knowledge - Today Tom explains the second component of cultural intelligence – CQ Knowledge.  
The Drive - In this podcast Tom discusses the first component of cultural intelligence - CQ Drive.
The Four Components Of Cultural Intelligence - Tom examines the drive, knowledge, strategy, and skills needed for cultural intelligence.
Culturally Intelligent Leadership - In this podcast Tom discusses effective leadership and it’s relationship to cultural intelligence.
The Components of Cultural Intelligence - Tom shares the four components of cultural intelligence.
What Is Culture? - Today Tom explains what culture is and how it manifests itself.
What Is Cultural Intelligence And Why Is It Important? - Tom examines the link between cultural intelligence, culture and globalisation.