Thanks again for your participation and fabulous presentation. As anticipated, you are scoring off the charts on positive feedback and are the number one session by feedback by some distance.”Gavin Dyche,
Manager Risk, Public Sector – Victoria & Tasmania,
Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd

      Tom delivered a Risk Awareness Workshop.

In preparation for the workshop Tom was very easy to deal with and guided us very well to ensure that the objectives of the workshop were met.

During the workshop Tom engaged very well with all participants. He had a unique way of asking questions and demonstrated situations which made staff think and challenge themselves.

I believe that with Tom’s workshop we have been able to reduce barriers and open a mental door to staff’s minds about risk.”Norman Prueter,
Risk Management Co-Ordinator, Pyrenees Shire Council

      Dr. Tom Verghese has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cultural intelligence which he shares generously. The session was enlightening and inspiring, and the presentation was entertaining, interactive and thought provoking. I was truly engaged throughout the presentation and I particularly enjoyed the many stories and examples that were shared, giving the content further depth so I could genuinely relate and understand. I walked away with new insights that I am still sharing with my family and colleagues.”Gloria Sleaby,
Chair SME Committee CPA Australia

      I found the CQ Assessment Report provided by Cultural Synergies to be very easy to use and navigate, insightful in its analysis and practical in terms of identified gaps and areas of improvement. In a more globalised economy where markets, trading and capital are converging, it is important for an organisation with international exposure such as The SILC Group to understand and appreciate cultural differences and environments in order to support organisational objectives.”Koby Jones,
Managing Director, SILC Group

      I was thrilled to have the opportunity to engage and work with Tom Verghese and the team at Cultural Synergies to design and deliver a bespoke Cultural Intelligence program. It was engaging, thought provoking and a positive learning experience for all our participants (including me!) which equipped us with the skills and knowledge to support our ongoing success in a global working environment. The Cultural Synergies team further supported us to sustain our cultural intelligence by also delivering a train-the-trainer of this program. This enabled our team to continue to embed Cultural Intelligence into the organisation with the confidence of having the right content and support from a highly experienced team of such exceptional caliber in this area.”Fleur Mouchemore

      Tom’s recent address at our graduation ceremony was extremely well received by graduates, guests and staff. He is an experienced and polished speaker who engaged all members of our audience with a dynamic and relevant presentation. His address was a highlight of our ceremony and we received numerous positive commendations after the event. Consequently we would have no hesitation in inviting Tom to speak again at a future ceremony if he were available.”Ms. Noёlle McKeough,
Graduation Coordinator, Central Queensland University

      Tom was instrumental in supporting my early leadership journey that saw me move from a domestic role in India, to a regional role based in Malaysia, followed by a global role based in Europe. He enhanced my cultural intelligence, leadership and management skills. He always provided me with great insights, personal examples and a sense of real commitment to helping me to succeed in both my personal and professional lives.”Rudra Panda

      The International Detention Coalition is a diverse team who work together in different regions around the world and had two valuable days to come together to work through a large number of issues. As such we needed a specialist facilitator who would be engaging, creative, energetic and foster a collegiate atmosphere for our retreat. Tom exceeded our expectations about what a facilitator could bring to our retreat and helped us achieve much more than anticipated.

Tom helped us come together as a team, to feel energized and connected in our common goal and excited about the year ahead.

Tom’s facilitation style enabled us to dig deep and go to places that we couldn’t have imagined that we would go. He helped us to highlight our successes and achievements, which were really great in boosting our morale as we go forward.

Tom was reliable and well prepared. He understood the expectations and requirements that we had as a group from the retreat. He delivered what he said he would from the outset (and more), created opportunities for participants to really engage on not just a professional level, but also a personal level.

We particularly enjoyed his candid manner, his interactive activities, his sense of humour and his expertise and knowledge. He encouraged us to reflect on our experiences, supported and encouraged discussions and created a relaxed and non-threatening environment that allowed colleagues to share their points of views and experiences in an open and trusting forum. All of this helped us to wrap up our retreat as a unified group, with a clearly defined roadmap for the next phase of our growth.

We will definitely invite Tom to facilitate our next workshop.

Thanks Tom.”International Detention Coalition

      I am very pleased to confirm that Mr. Tom Verghese has worked very closely with Sara Lee Asia Pacific IT division in designing and delivering a program that has assisted us to greatly improve the effectiveness of our Asia Pacific IT team in working virtually and across different cultures.

Tom guided us in clarifying our development needs, delivered a program in a very effective and a non-threatening manner that highly exceeded our expectations.

We are very pleased to endorse his work and ethics without reservation and would be happy to discuss details or answer any questions about his work for us.”Sara Allen,
Director – APAC, Sara Lee Information Centre of Excellence

      A first class delivery yesterday as part of the first Asia Roundtable CPO meeting.
Your ability to tailor the cultural intelligence presentation to the brief of global leadership and talent management made all the difference to the conclusion of the day.
The net promoter scores (+50) for your presentation were very high and the comments proved that your two sessions were well received by the group of commercial leaders.”Max Goonan,
Networks Director, The Faculty

      You are a remarkable presenter and communicator – a rare species. Your demeanor was fantastic, the many short stories and illustrations captured the attention of your audience. It was a fluent delivery as if there had been no preparation; no visible or obvious reference to written notes; a clear speech and language to crown this masterly delivery.”Guy Lavoipierre

Keynote: Selling Across Cultures, Honda

      I had the pleasure on 2 occasions in listening to the great Tom Verghese.

I thought with my years of retail people experience that I was pretty well equipped to deal with many facets of culture & different personalities relating to sales success.

This was until Tom opened my eyes to how to approach various situations across all personalities along with dealing with multiple people situations, Tom articulates some really different strategic techniques that I believe anyone no matter what level or experience you have, people that are involved in management of people or dealing any sales environment should engage in his workshops. Tom is a great communicator, extremely well experienced & I would most definitely recommend his services to any small, medium & large operation, you would be very surprised just what you would take out of his sessions & consultancy.”Sonny Robins,
Group General Sales Manager

Workshop: Maximizing Opportunities, BSI Group ANZ Pty Ltd

      The training session was terrific and the team responded very well to Tom. I found Tom one of the best trainers I have worked with, his style, facilitation, empowerment skills and ability to question our thinking was very well received. The team really enjoyed the DISC model as well which was excellent learning for them too. We did cover a lot of content throughout the three days and covered all I had asked Tom to focus on – we spent sound time together preparing for this.

We now need to reap the rewards from the Sales Academy and put what we have learnt into place.”Erin Smith,
General Manager – Sales – Australian & New Zealand

Consulting: Cultural Briefing 2014

      Tom – everyone tells me that I made the best speech from the whole program of this economical mission. Even the princess congratulated me personally! Thank you to have helped me so personally.”Eric de Lame,
Trade Commissioner, Belgian Trade Commission @ Kuala Lumpur

Workshop conducted nationally: Unconscious Bias in the Workplace, ISPT 2015

      Dr. Tom Verghese’s delivery of the workshops was engaging, interactive and encouraged everyone to think outside of their comfort zone. I recommend Cultural Synergies collaborative approach, flexibility, expertise and outcome focus.”Linda Smith,
Manager, People and Culture

Keynote: ‘Masters Conference Leading with CQ’, Prime Practice 2013

      Dr. Tom Verghese delivered an outstanding presentation at our 2013 Masters Dental Conference. The content was highly engaging, relevant, interactive, informative and customized in a style that connected with the audience immediately.

The presentation energised and motivated the audience to contribute.

The feedback from participants was very positive, largely that the content and messages were very timely, relevant and insightful. Tom certainly created an impact!”Anita Roubicek,
Director, Prime Practice

Keynote: ‘Understanding the Cultural Values of the Emerging Markets’,
Hong Kong Disneyland 2014

      Your presentation was engaging, relevant, insightful and well received. I got a lot of positive feedback from the audience and feel that your message really resonated with them.”Kelly Willis,
Director of Creative Development, Disney Imaginations Hong Kong

Conference Facilitation: International Detention Coalition 2013

      Dr. Tom Verghese is a specialist facilitator who fosters an engaging, creative, energetic, facilitator who created a collegiate atmosphere. Tom exceeded our expectations; he was reliable and well prepared. He understood the expectations and requirements. He delivered what he said he would from the outset (and more) and created opportunities for participants to really engage on not just a professional level, but also a personal level.”Grant Mitchell,

Workshop: Portland General Electric Company 2007

      Tom’s Session provided tools on how to develop an awareness of how cultural background influences leadership expectations and discover a framework that will be useful when leading across different cultures. In addition, information on a strategic design process was delivered for the purpose of increased learning outcomes on gaining global leadership skills, which will, in turn, enhance workplace performance.”

Keynote: Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd 2015

      Thank you once again for an outstanding presentation on Friday morning. All of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the attendees have advised they received a great deal from the messages and themes contained in your presentation.”Joe Perri
Managing Director, Joe Perri & Associates

The following are comments and testimonials from clients about workshops conducted by our principal consultant, Tom Verghese.

      Amazing session. I feared “Death by Powerpoint” but Tom kept it good and well facilitated.”Farhad Karamally,
The Asia HRD Congress, Malaysia

      A mind-blowing session – very useful to me.”Pawan Wasant Burle,
The Asia HRD Congress, Malaysia

      The workshop went very, very well, we received a lot of information and we had a fantastic team session. I can really recommend that workshop and believe that every dollar spent is absolutely justified. In order to make things happen in Asia, you should be aware of the different cultures, habits and potential issues and obstacles.”Juergen Kull,
EMR- AP EquipmentManager, HP

      To understand culture, you have to look inside yourself. This is sometimes difficult to do in a group session, coaching offered me time to focus on what I needed, rather than a group situation. The offer of phone support over three months was very useful as I could apply what I learned and generate more questions. Tom has a wealth of experience and we developed a good working relationship quickly.”Steve Cartland,
Development Manager, HP

      Great for any staff in a cross-cultural work environment.”Ake Balankura,
SOPE Thailand

      Created learning in a charged and lively atmosphere. At no point in the one and a half day long proceedings was I ever in danger of losing interest or concentration on the issues at hand. This is not always easy to achieve! I came away feeling that I could make a difference… Learnings were constantly reinforced… I would like everybody to attend this session.”Sandeep Banerji,
SOPE Markets Middle East

      Very impressive and clear in his thinking. He is one of the few leaders who have really influenced me.”Mani Prasad,
Shell Markets Middle East

      Very articulate, experienced – unfazed by difficult situations – very diplomatic.”Saluh Verma,
SOPE Dubai

      Totally professional.”John Salmon,
SOPE Middle East