Adapting to Unforeseen Circumstances

Adapting to Unforeseen Circumstances

In this episode, Tom reflects on some of the unexpected things that are happening to our world now and discusses how global leaders can effectively adapt to unforeseen circumstances. 

Adapting to Unforeseen Circumstances

  • The ability to reframe is critically important for leaders especially in times of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Self-care is extremely important. You cannot look after others if you’re not looking after yourself.
  • Engage with others. Make use of the time to brainstorm ideas with other people. 
  • Being resilient in times of unforeseen events is critical for a leader. Don’t let these unforeseen events knock you down. Pick yourself up and adapt to the change.
  • Be present. The only moment that you have the power to control is now.

Today’s Take-away

  • As a leader, how do you demonstrate resilience when unforeseen circumstances occur? How do you adapt?

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