Cultural Synergies

Cultural Synergies is a leading global intercultural and diversity consultancy that specialises in developing and sustaining cultural intelligence. We develop cross-cultural competency through consulting, workshops, keynote speaking and executive cultural coaching.

Established in 1992, Cultural Synergies has experience that spans the globe and maintains an extensive client base of Fortune 500 companies from a diverse range of industries and global organisations.

Dr. Tom Verghese is the Founder and Principal Consultant; he is a leading authority in cultural intelligence. Our team consists of a global network of professionals that have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cultural intelligence (CQ) and global and ethical leadership.

Emma Thompson is the Practice Manager at Cultural Synergies. Emma manages projects, and provides support to the Consultants and Associates at Cultural Synergies across all business areas. She has had extensive overseas experience through living, studying and working in Asia and Europe. Emma holds a MHSc. (University of Sydney) and a BSocSc. (La Trobe University).

Our programs support organisations in developing culturally intelligent leaders and teams to work successfully across culture, distance and time.

We create cultural awareness, develop cross-cultural skills and create mindsets and behaviours that leverage difference in practical, creative and innovative ways. All of our programs reflect the individual, organisational and national cultures that organisations work within and across.

Our programs replace the challenges and stresses of working across cultures with dynamic, productive and innovative results.