Monthly Archives: September 2021


I am working with a client that heads up the APAC region of a global organisation. As the business in this region is expanding rapidly, the leader is aware that some work around cultural effectiveness is imperative to the organisation’s success. Interestingly though, there seems to be significant push back from the head office and […]

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A term we sometimes use in my house, when we need to withdraw is “ I just need to be alone in the cave”. It describes times when I can feel sad or sorry for myself. Rather than beating myself up, I give myself time and permission to do so. It provides an opportunity to […]

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I recently read a news article that offered two perspectives of the same story. One was a more pessimistic and negative view of the subject and the other was optimistic, which highlighted the positive aspect. It reminded me that whatever situation we are in there are always multiple ways of looking at it. In his […]

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