Monthly Archives: August 2021


Many times when I am feeling down I reach out to others and when I do, I find 2 things happen; Those that I speak to are usually able to support me/ listen to me and provide perspective on my situation. I am also able to support them as it gives them an opportunity to […]

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There are certain things in life where it is not possible to reach perfection. I have been doing various forms of yoga for more than 30 years. It is called a yoga practice because we are constantly evolving our bodies, moods and mindsets change and all that impacts how you do the poses. The same […]

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Being creative is something that humans uniquely have. Yet, I find is that many people say they are not very creative. There are many ways to express creativity- art, music, writing, singing are all forms of creativity. What about other forms such as dancing, cooking, flower arrangement, journaling, fashion, home decoration and even exercising. Expanding […]

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