Monthly Archives: May 2021


Calling out negative behaviours and pushing back when these occur can be challenging in the workplace particularly when it comes from a manger or senior. How then do we have that discussion and not jeopardise our own future and relationships at work? One way I have observed is to link it back to the values […]

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The importance of role models in the workplace from a D&I perspective is crucial. Having staff that visibly reflect diverse backgrounds, provide mentorship and pave the way for the next generation is key to structural and organisational change. Something I learned from a focus group we conducted recently was that there is sometimes a lack […]

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We have been working with a government organisation recently that is looking towards developing a new multicultural policy. In terms of multicultural diversity, Australia is most certainly among the more diverse. However, it is notable that assumptions are made that this diversity is translated into the workplace. Often organisations are diverse to a certain point […]

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