Monthly Archives: May 2019

Seeing with new eyes

I was addressing a group of graduates recently in a client organisation that were in their second week. They were very excited and tired because of the amount of information they had to take in over the previous 10 days. They came from 15 different countries and I was invited to talk to them about …

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Cross Cultural Project Challenges

A recent article that appeared in the Australian Media (ABC News 27 April 2019 ) reported on the issues facing the Australian Future Submarine Project which is a collaboration between Naval Group a French ship builder and Australian engineering teams. From the commencement of the project, issues arose in terms of communication, culture clashes and …

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The results of a recent study showed a reduction in a number of biases particularly in terms of race and sexuality over the last 10 years (Project Implicit, Harvard University). It is refreshing to note that the level of awareness and behaviour is changing significantly for certain aspects of Diversity although I am also reminded …

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